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Mushroom Matchboxes

By Lucy Newton

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Please note: We cannot ship this item as it is flammable, it is only available for pickup at our gallery in Lunenburg (curb side available) or we also offer free local delivery (in the lunenburg town area). 

Hand made matchbox with prints of mushroom paintings by Lucy, Joseph and Tela’s Granddaughter. 

Choose from one of her 6 matchboxes: 

  1. Russula Alropurpurea & Blushing Bracket
  2. Fly Agaric & Camarophyllus Marzuolus
  3. Horn of Plenty & Stinking Parasol
  4. Weeping Widow & Gymnopilus Penetrans (Common Rustgill)
  5. The Sickener & Birch Bolete
  6. Common Ink Cap & Dung Roundhead / Verdigis Toadstool