Christopher Purcell

Christopher Purcell (1951-Present) is Tela and Joseph Purcell’s eldest son. As a young man Christopher pursued a career in watercolour, photography, aerial photography and dark room developing. He then went on to study Physics and complete a Masters and PhD at Dalhousie University followed by post doctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Christopher Purcell's interest range widely. He is a physicist, musician, woodworker, musical instrument maker and inventor of sonar devices. His art work still turns up auction, and photography sold at our gallery.


Christopher Purcell with one of his photograms, made in his darkroom, 20 years old.


Christopher Purcell in his airplane (1981), with Joseph Purcell (middle), and local farmer (left). 

Christopher Purcell with his camera, and cousin, Sandy Pothier, 1983.


Newsclipping, 1984