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Bookmarks (x5)


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Nautical - Historical

We will hand select 5  bookmarks for you! 

Each bookmark is hand made by Tela Purcell and truly unique... They are Witty and Pretty, Historical and Hysterical, Filled with Birds and Bowers, Fishing Coves and Storied Ships, Grand Banks and Fishing Trips!

Tela has been making bookmarks since she opened her gallery in 1970! She’s now 90 and spent the winter generating art and fun lettering for her bookmarks. These make great gifts!

  • Dimensions vary as each one is unique
  • Each bookmark has original hand lettering by Tela and a piece of art by Tela or Joseph
  • Each bookmark is laminated for durability

Choose between 3 different options: 

1) nautical - historical themed bookmarks (x5)

2) nature - whimsical themed bookmarks (x5)

3) a surprise assortment! (x5)


We will ship these to you, or, have them ready for in store pick up in our Lunenburg gallery. 

For shipping, processing time is 1-2 days and Canadian shipping will range from 3-6 business days. We also offer international shipping to anywhere in the US, with shipping times ranging from 7-10 business days. Please contact us if you are from outside these regions and we will try to accommodate shipping to you!