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4.75 in (Height) x 3.75 in (Width)

Custom Miniature Pet Portraits by Lucy

By Lucy Newton

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Custom order a miniature watercolour pet portrait by Lucy, Tela and Joseph’s granddaughter. 

Do you have a fur baby in your family or looking for a gift for someone special who loves their pet?

Send us a few photos and Lucy will paint you a custom miniature pet portrait (in watercolour)!

Commission Options 

1) Watercolour, In gold frame (shipping costs depend on location)

2) Watercolour, No frame (free shipping)

Dimensions & Framing 

Watercolour Dimension: approx 2” x 3” (portrait or landscape depending on pet proportions). 

Total Framed Dimension: 3 3/4” x 4 3/4” 

Turn around Time

2-3 weeks turn around time + shipping (3-10 business days depending on location). We also offer in-store pick up at our Lunenburg Gallery or weekday pickup in Halifax. 

Photo guide 

  • upon purchase we will reach out to you via email seeking photos of your animal!
  • the more photos the better 
  • Photo criteria: make sure photos are well-lit, have a light background, can see your animals head and neck (+ body and legs if wanting a full body portrait) and that photo is taken from nose level
  • include a photo of a favourite clothing article or toy and it can be included !